Super duper fun day 🌟

Hello lovelies ❤️. It’s the weekend and that means serious family time 🙌🏻. I just love Fridays and I love those Fridays with a lot of activities much more (hubby doesn’t always agree with me but hey it’s called compromise and it’s also called happy wife happy life so 😬).

We visited a super fun family place called Modheshworld. This place is so child friendly and it doesn’t matter how old your LO is, they’ll find something to do! This indoor amusement park is the ultimate destination if you want to escape the heat 😅.

To be honest me and hubby were acting like children running around and trying the games and rides with Nilia. You can find all kind of games here from riding a bike, bouncy castles, mirror house, roller coasters yeah you name it.

You will also find a corner where Al Tamimi stables have their cute cute animals.

So if you’re looking for something super fun with the kiddos we highly recommend Modheshworld ❤️

Oh yeah forgot to mention, the food is 😋😋😋


Nilia & Mommy