Do your grocery shopping hassle free mommies πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Grocery shopping, yay or nay? For me NAAAAAYYYY! Seriously I don’t have the time nor the energy nor the will to spend hours grocery shopping with a threenager, no no no 😬

It’s just all the hassle of finding a parking, taking Nilia out of her car seat, and God forbid if she has fallen asleep in the car which means I’ll be accompanied by a super grumpy newly woken up moody toddler which wants to be carried and refuses to sit on the trolley and makes a scene everywhere in the supermarket, and not to mention the crowded super markets and long ques at the cashier etc. etc. On top of this it kills too much of my time to go to a supermarket after work because that means my whole schedule is post-poned.

I need to get home from office, make dinner, eat dinner with family, bathe Nilia, put her to bed so in between all these I don’t have a slot for doing shopping, unless I go on weekends, which I still don’t want to. πŸ™ƒ

So do you now understand how I feel about grocery shopping? 😌

So I was introduced to a newly launched website called Bulkwhiz. How it works and differs from other websites is that you order in bulk and make a schedule of your order. You can choose an interval and your bulk order is on autopilot. Seriously who enjoys carrying all the heavy stuff and also seriously who remembers to pick up all the stuff that you need when shopping EVEN when you have your shopping list with you πŸ˜‚.

See, I seriously do not want to carry home my Aquafina water when I can have it delivered in that nice box that also transfers to a box house for Nilia and that keeps her busy for hooooourrrssssss. ✌️

Save money, time and spare yourself the back pain and do your grocery shopping hassle free mommies πŸ’‹


Nilia & mommy