Because πŸ’š is the new πŸ–€

Have you ever thought of how many different creatures that live in our home? Or about how most of them are not even visible to the naked eye? YUCK! 😷 Well, I didn’t. It came to my attention when I saw one of my friends on Instagram having their beds sanitized by The Healthy Home ME. She kept telling about how an average person sheds enough skin and sweat each day to feed a million dust mites, A MILLION!!!!! 😱 Just by reading it my whole body started itching, seriously. Immediately I had to get those disgusting creatures out! Specially with Nilia who has a super sensitive skin! They came and sanitized all our beds and sofas. This was about 4 months ago. πŸ™πŸ»

Happy life 😁

So recently we moved to a new place. And as a Dubaian we all know we need to do pest control BEFORE moving in to new places. Because if we don’t, all of the sudden the very visible creatures will start to show up.

With our busy schedules and the rush and hassle of the move, this was unfortunately not done. Rest assured that little creatures started to show up! 😰 It was a fact, the ants had shown up and no amount of Clorox sprayed on them made them disappear (yes I came up with spraying Clorox myself). ✌️

I seriously struggled with how to get the pest control done while we live there, we are talking about chemicals right? πŸ€” You need to be out of the house for 4-5 hours after such pest control but given it’s chemicals I would prefer not to be home for 2 days when it comes to Nilia.

So guess what? The very same company who had sanitized our mattresses and sofas have something called Green pest control! So what is it you may ask. It is a non-chemical pest control that is as effective as a chemical one. So you can feel safe and calm when doing the pest control specially if you have children and/or pets 🐢🐱. They came, we were home, we said goodbye to the ants and prayed for them to have a nice afterlife in the ant heaven.

How effective it was? It has been 2 weeks since we done the control and not a single ant (nor any other creature) has been seen in the house again!

Thank you The Healthy Home for making our lives healthier.

As I said, green is the new black mommies. πŸ’š


Nilia & Mommy