First week of big school and poop warning!

Oh man, who thought pushing your life 1 hour earlier would get you soo tired! 😴 With Nilia starting school at 7.30 we’re all up at 5.30 in the mornings (well not daddy really, his eyes are open but you can hear a snore every now and then 😂). This getting back to school is hard work!

Nilia started FS1 this week, I feel.. hmm I don’t know. Am I pushing her? Is it too soon? Should she have done nursery another year? Gosh, where is that parenting handbook! She’s loving the school for sure and technically it’s still nursery but just little bit more disciplined.

OK so what I want to write about and hear your opinions about 🙏🏻 is children at age of 3 and visits to toilets. 🤔

I personally and very firmly believe that children under age of 5 are too young to handle toilet visits all alone and by that I mean doing everything properly and being completely clean when they’re done. How on earth are schools expecting children to be fully independent at age of 3? Seriously the children’s motor skills are not developed fully yet for this! Is anyone else with me on this? I strongly believe it’s the children’s right to be clean and every school accepting children under 5 should have a nanny just for this purpose. I hear this bulls*** answer that oh this is how it’s done in Europe, well I got news for you, IT”S NOT! I grew up in Europe myself and no child at that age is expected to handle toilet visits alone, seriously! The amount of school fees we pay in this country is HUGE so surely the schools can afford to have a nanny in the classrooms for this purpose!

Many schools (including the very famous ones) I visited during my school hunt will let your child sit in their “accident” (if they have any) until the parent comes and changes and washes the child. How on earth is this acceptable? This is seriously against all morals and ethics that I can possibly think about.

In this little machinery of educating our minis as early as possible, we seem to have forgotten some basic rules. 😔


Nilia & mommy