Weekend activity ideas ✨

Why do weekends flash by soooo fast? 😫 And it does not matter that we had one extra day this weekend, it still went by too fast! This weekend was a bit more special than usual, it was actually my birthday on Thursday 😬 34 years old baby ✌️ The day was just perfect! I woke up around 7.30 and went downstairs to join rest of the family watching Peppa pig! My hubby got surprised and said oh no why did you wake up now we were going to buy you a cupcake and wake you up while singing for you. First thought in my head, isn’t that typical men, leaving everything to last second 😂.

My wonderful husband had planned to take me to one of my absolute favorite resorts, Bab Al Shams. We were going to have breakfast, lunch and spend the day just hanging by the pool and chill. The drive there was lovely and didn’t take more than 35-40 mins. When there we had a lovely breakfast and luckily some other friends had planned to go there on the same day so we had great company ❤️

One thing I will not forget about that day is actually one incident caused by my daughter and her very best friend. I knew these 2 get very creative when they’re together but I was sooo embarrassed that day! I was chilling in the pool enjoying the surroundings and talking to my friend when I realized there is a small crowd gathered where we sat. I immediately knew our monkeys have been up to something! And oh boy was I right. These 2 had decided to throw everything they see into the pool INCLUDING a stranger’s phone and wallet who was sitting close to where we sat. Oh my god! I have never been so embarrassed in my life! 🙈🙈🙈🙈 We spent basically rest of the day apologizing. Hubby took of course the guy’s number to reimburse him for the damage.

Apart from that accident the day was absolutely wonderful! The hotel and resort is absolutely gorgeous but the buffet at AL Forsan is nothing to write home about. The breakfast is good but the lunch is not something special to be honest.

The resort is very  very child friendly, they have a play area, pool with perfect depth for the little ones, they offer camel rides at the sunset, you can take a picture with a falcon and they also have a mini golf. When they start with their Friday brunches they also have a bouncy castle and more kids activities.

Wishing you all a great week ahead.


Nilia & mommy