Girl power ✌️

Have you ever wondered what do the day you decide to leave UAE? I mean come on, we are sooo spoiled in this country with all these extra services that we can get for such a reasonable price! I remember I was back home in Stockholm one summer and I asked my mom if she could give me the number to the dry cleaners so they could come and pick up my dress for pressing. She just laughed. Seriously! You forget!!

So my washing machine broke, scandal I know! We sent it for repair and couple of days later the maintenance company came back and said the repair of it would cost equally if not more as a new one. Just what I needed, gosh! So we decided to get a new one but it took us couple of days before we actually got the time to go and find one. So my new machine came on Saturday, happy days! What was less happy about this was the fact that we had been without a washing machine for about 2 weeks!! That pile of dirty clothes, oh man! I have a part time helper who come 3 times a week for cleaning and laundry but guess what? She just went on vacation for 2 weeks! I spent my entire Saturday washing, continued washing on Sunday and started to iron which I HATE!

So I gave up and called in professionals. I remembered my high school friend who recently moved to Dubai had opened a dry cleaning & laundry business. I contacted her of course as I am all about embracing women in business! It turned out this amazing lady has not only opened the company, she has also developed an application for the services they provide and they have your laundry back to you within 24 hours no matter where in Dubai you live!

Download the application Cleanline and get started. You will also find their pricelists on the application. Place your order and use the code BABYNILIA20 and you’ll get 20% off on your first order, easy as that!


Nilia & mommy