The latest hotspot ✨✨

Honestly? Wow! I’m quite sure all of you Dubai mums have heard of the newest hotspot for kids in Dubai? Yep, I’m talking about OliOli! 💜💛💚💙❤️

You know how some places look all awesome on Instagram posts and stories and by the time you visit the place you kind of don’t get the hype and don’t really find that place anything special? 🤔 Well, this place is EXACTLY the opposite! Seriously Instagram posts and stories do NOT present this place well enough. 😮 It’s just, in all honesty, something out of this world and nothing compared to what you’ve seen before. And I can vow for that! 🙌🏻

We were invited to explore this new place last weekend and let me just tell you little more about what I mean.

Firstly you enter this 2 level building and start off by making a short video. You basically goofing around on the video which is then played on a big screen on a big wall right in the lobby. 🐒

You have then 8 different areas to explore. 4 downstairs and 4 upstairs. One is all about air, gravity and letting the kiddos imagination flow as they explore the area. Another one is the amazing Toshi’s nets! It’s HANDMADE by a Japanese artist and took her 1 year to make it! Seriously, what!!! 😱😱😱

Another is all about making robots and create beautiful drawings 👌🏻

Without going into too much of details I’ll try to cover all the areas. 💗

There’s a water room, with all kind of unique water play and a car for the kids to wash. And a raining section, yep it’s raining. Perfect for our Dubai kids!!

Upstairs. The future park, I was like huh?! Ok so one activity was this, you color a fish of your choice, you scan it and guess what?! It comes alive and starts to swim in the huge virtual aquarium on the wall! You could do

several similar activities in this room. 👌🏻👍🏻

We moved on to building a car with LEGO and then have a race with our car. You can also build your fort in the treehouses and there’s an area for the smaller ones. You’ll find a quiet room. There are also 2 party rooms upstairs 😍.

The cafeteria only serves organic food and delicious coffee!

The ultimate place to go with your kids ❤️

You need to visit the place to understand why it’s called a children’s play museum and not a play area. ✨

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Xoxo Babynilia & mommy