Working mom problems 🤔

Half term (already?!) and schools are off this week! Working mother issues.. how is it possible to have time off at the same time as your children? They have one week now, 3 weeks for Christmas, 2 weeks in spring and over 2 months over the summer! How?! How can I possibly have this much time off from work? Impossible!

Seriously it is not easy to be a working mom. The flexibility is kind of non-existing and it feels like the entire system is built for non-working moms. I don’t have a nanny for Nilia, with all due respect for those who have, we chose not to have one. I chose for Nilia to be at a nursery, surrounded by other children and educated people and when she was at the nursey we did not have any issues with breaks since they were open 12 months a year!

But school is different. The timings and breaks, not sure what the solution is really.

So it’s half term and school is off for 1 week! I took the day off on Sunday to take Nilia to a birthday party and to be with her at home carving pumpkins and to prepare for Halloween! Rest of the week? Yep, she is back at her old nursery which she truly loves. But a year from now or after she turns 4 in March, she’ll be too old for nursery, what do I do then?

It is not easy, it’s just not easy.


Nilia & Mommy