Happy new year 💫💫💫

Hello lovelies and happy new year! 💫❤️💫 Hope everyone had a fantastic break, as fantastic as possible that is ehemm. We had a fabulous holiday and spent 2 weeks in Sweden just chilling, eating and sleeping. It’s just amazing how fast time flies by when you are on vacation. 😢

So why Sweden when it’s darkest and dullest you may ask. Because I strongly believe our children need to see winter and not only read about it 😂. Nilia saw snow this year for the first time in her life! She actually asked me what is that on the ground? I also believe Christmas and New Year should be celebrated with your closest family and friends and that’s exactly how we spent it.

But we all know travelling and changing climate isn’t always easy so here are some tips I can share with you guys:

How to keep a toddler busy on a flight:  7 hours flight, Gosh. Not easy. What is interesting is that I have realized that Nilia is really into drawings and paintings. So we did a lot of that. My suggestion is to find out what your child is really interested of and try to do that on the plane. I would also suggest that you try to look at the flight like a quality time spent with your little one, like alone time where the two of you can sit and chat, laugh, draw etc. The more positive you look at it the easier it gets. We also watched Minions 2 times around. But hey I’m not saying it’s easy nor am I trying to portrait a perfect flight with a 3 year old, the last hour was all about screaming, crying and asking if we are there yet!

 How to keep your skin moisturized when cooler weather: With the dry and cold air in Sweden I could feel my skin was suffering a bit and was extra dry in the mornings and when I washed off my makeup at nights. I seriously couldn’t be more satisfied with a skin product than the Skin Therapy Oil face from Palmer’s ME. It literally kept my skin nice and smooth during our whole stay. I have stopped using all other creams and am just using this one right which I am super happy with.

How to sleep better when away Bring your own pillow with you. Seriously I’m so attached to my pillow I was suffering without it! Very stupid of me to forget to take my pillow with me!

Jetlag Only 3 hours time difference you say? That does not matter! 3 days later I am still jetlagged Gosh. I thought I was clever and landing on Friday night would be good as we would have Saturday to recover before starting to work on Sunday. Not enough. Make sure you land 2 days before you start to work so you have 2 full days to recover. This week will not be easy!!

Most important notes:

1. Don’t break your suitcase 😂

2. Don’t forget your stroller at your mother in laws house 🙈

Xoxo Nilia & Mommy