Babynilia eats 🥘

A couple of weeks ago we got invited to a new family friendly Italian/Mediterranean restaurant called Via Vita located in JLT.

As soon as you enter the place you totally get the Italian vibe and the smell from the pizza oven is just divine. There is an indoor and an outdoor area which is perfect now during our cooler months. There is also a playground very conveniently right outside the restaurant. But that is not the best part yet.

Kids actually get to bake their own pizza at this place! First at arrival the kids get a paper and pen and they get to draw their own pizza. My LO insisted on a candy pizza and no matter how hard we tried to explain there is no such thing she just looked at us and said: “of course there is”. Then I reminded her that it’s only Saturday and she’s only allowed candy on Fridays so she should just draw another kind of pizza!

So she did! She drew her own pizza and explained to the lovely chef what it was on her pizza. The chef then came out with a pizza dough, a real pizza dough for her to knead. She then explained to the chef what to add on as per her picture  and the pizza went into the oven!

She absolutely loved it. A unique concept to experience with the children and to eat yummy Italian food.

If you guys do try it out, let me know how you liked it.


Babynilia & mommy