Birthday planning ideas ✅

Have you missed us? Yes I know, it’s been a while. I’ve been very busy and to be honest I also just wanted to take a break from social media in general. Now we are back full of energy so let me go back and pickup from where I left things, Nilia’s birthday.

As you all might already know I’m a sucker for planning and birthdays. I just love every little detail about it. I spend months on trying to find a theme, decorations and so on and so on. Nilia wanted a “Frozen” birthday. And you who know me, I don’t do Frozen birthdays. So I had to somehow work around the idea and respect the birthday girl’s wish. I started with contacting one amazing lady who bakes the most heavenly cakes. They’re gorgeous and sooo tasty. I told Rabia (IG handle kakes­byme) about Nilia’s wish to have a Frozen birthday party and how I didn’t want to throw the typical Frozen party. I wanted it to be unique and chic. She came up with the amazing idea of keeping it bohemic with touch of Frozen, so the final decision of the theme was: Dreamy winter. She drew the most amazing sketch of the cake, I mean at the party everyone commented on the cake! Oh yeah, and those pop cakes, cookies and cupcakes were just piece of art. The cake toper was from “The party”.

So now that I had the cake sorted I needed a party planner. We were going to have the party at our house so a party planner was definitely needed. I contacted several and from some I got quotes that made me see red. What?! It’s not a wedding, come on! After many searches and recommendations I fell in love with the amazing team of Fairytales DXB. Reasonably priced, excellent services and very very accommodating. I started with sharing my crazy ideas about a dreamy winter with dream catchers hanging everywhere and how no other color than white, baby blue and silver would be allowed to be used and how I also wanted the candy cotton in baby blue color. Fatma assured me it would be exactly as I visioned, but it wasn’t, it was even better! I just can’t tell you how satisfied I was with the amazing team who showed up at 8AM for a party that would start at 4PM. The setup was top notch. I mean look for yourself. Please note all the dreamcatchers were handmade after my order, I mean talk about creative team! The kids were fully entertained throughout the party and they all had such an amazing time. Even the games were tailored after the theme.

Cake done, party planner done, now I needed to look into giveaway bags. And because our little guests were in different ages it was a hassle to try to get that perfect goodie bag for everyone. To my rescue came mygoodygoodiebag who are specializing in personalized goodie bags. They design it after your wishes and theme and they also put different goodies in the bags based on the age and gender of the little guests. Brilliant huh? Absolutely gorgeous.

Food for the little ones was home-made. I had bought frozen chicken nuggets and fries that I cooked in the oven. We had made some cold salads for the adults and ordered sandwiches and pizza from Zaatar W Zeit. Their food can never go wrong.

My last surprise at the party was the ice-cream truck. I mean come on who doesn’t love ice-cream? The ice-cream truck from Desertchill made a surprise visit. They parked just outside of our villa and played the birthday song on their speakers. This was such a hit and if you think that only the kids rushed out to the truck you are so wrong. We had all the adults lining up to the ice-cream truck and waiting for their turn to get an ice-cream.

I just can’t thank all the amazing people involved in Nilia’s birthday planning enough.

So here was the full details about Nilia’s birthday planning as promised.


Nilia & mommy