Falling out of…


Hey lovelies. 2018 has been a very blessing year for me. We are expecting our second child in November and we just can’t wait to meet our little one! But that is not the only reason 2018 has been a blessing year. I also have come to a conclusion with myself, to not do what does not make me or my family happy. To stop tolerate people just because of the sake of hanging out with people. Since I started to analyze myself and people around me a lot of truth and true faces came forward. I have during 2018 eased my heart, even with my closest ones, and I have spring cleaned my soul.

People fall in and out of friendships but they seem to forget one important rule: respect. Respect for the time that they have had and all the secrets that they have shared. It is amazing how people can turn so drastically after you decide not to be in their lives anymore. It doesn’t mean I don’t respect the time that have been and the moments we have shared. To backtalk anyone is one heavy sin if you ask me, so why doing it? Just move on with your life and keep the memory. Why does everything need to end so dramatically?

Nowadays it seems like everyone are using the same weapon. Unfriending you on social media but funny enough say hello to you when you meet them outside or always check on your public account after they’ve unfollowed. I really don’t get that. As I said, one rule has gone missing for some time now and that is respect for the friendships that people have had. It’s sad and pity.


Nilia & Mommy