Do you have a little builder at home?

Calling out all little builders, there is a new place in town for you!

And it’s called “Digit”!

Yesterday we checked out a new play area in Spring Souk called “digit”. It’s a perfect sized area and this is the ultimate place if you have little builders at home who love to explore and build and even test-drive a mini-digger. It’s a real life construction site and Nilia had a blast. Suitable for all ages the place have 13 difference areas to explore:

1.       RC Trucks

2.       Sand Projection Table

3.       Draw Joey

4.       Lego® Table

5.       Lego® Racers

6.       Soft Play

7.       Mini Soft Play

8.       Bucket Hoist

9.       Brick Conveyor

10.   Driving School

11.   Digger Driving

12.   Mini Diggers

13.   Brick Chute

Apart from the mini soft play area and the Lego racers which are for the younger kids Nilia did try every area and her favorite was definitely the mini-diggers. The mini-digger allows  controls of a realistic mini-digger and the kids have to master the art of controlling its arm and bucket by collecting balls and put them into a basket. Absolutely fantastic.

My absolute favorite part (as a pregnant mommy) was that you can basically grab a cup of tea at the cafeteria and sit and zip on your tea while you watch your kid play around. The super happy and energetic team make sure all the kids have fun and are engaged in the activities. Thankfully I have a super social kid who makes friends very easily and that makes the play areas much more fun for her.

The perfect place for play dates and for escaping the heat.


Nilia & Mommy