Maternity clothes, gosh!

Hello lovelies,

Hope you all had a fabulous week so far. Pregnancy, growing belly and body but where to shop? Seriously walking around in malls and seeing some maternity shops totally put me off. Sorry for the honest language but why do they have to make such ugly maternity collections? I know we are pregnant but we still have the right to be stylish and fabulous. 🙄

So in my horror I gave up on shopping malls and tried to see what is online. After all I am a big fan of online shopping, remember? 😬

I was introduced to one amazing website that BTW is the middle east’s biggest online maternity store. The collection range is huuuuge and there is something for every taste. It literally takes some quite time to get through the wide range of collections that they offer and for me, I seriously liked most of them. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the website is Mumsandbumps and I highly recommend you to have a look if you’re looking for maternity wear.  They also have labor gowns, nursing, post pregnancy, accessories, baby and modest collection. So yeah, quite a lot!  😍

Here are some from their collections that I absolutely loved. You see what I mean.

And this is what I ordered from their website, sooo comfy. Love it.