PJ love

Hello lovelies,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

I just entered my 7th month of pregnancy and it’s just unbelievable how fast it goes! It seriously goes faster this time than the last time. 25 weeks and I’ll be in 3rd trimester in 4 weeks’ time. How exciting!

Well, one thing is sure, I so so want to wear comfy clothes all the time, especially when at home. As soon as I get home from office I rush to my bedroom to change to my super comfy maternity PJs. Remember Annabelle? The brand me and Nilia modelled for their matching mommy and child pjs? Well guess what? They now have super-duper comfy and gorgeous maternity pjs and nightdresses. The material is so soft, light and stretchable. With a growing tummy believe me a stretchable pj is soo important. These ones that I picked also have a nursing part which is perfect for breastfeeding later on.

Well, expecting or not, I strongly recommend you visit one of their shops for some serious pj shopping. I can promise you, you won’t leave the shop empty handed. It’s something there for everyone (well not for daddies but everyone else).