Getting ready for the baby kind of time 😅

Hi lovelies,

I can’t believe I still have another 2 months to go and yet I feel stressed that I haven’t prepared much for the baby! One common question that I get is: but don’t you still have Nilia’s old clothes? Well, no. My best friend is the second child of her family and she always told me how she felt sorry for herself because she always got stuff from her older sister and nothing felt personally for her. So I decided not to save Nilia’s clothes for the second baby. I gave them all away to charity. Well I am using couple of things such as the stroller, baby crib with the matching drawers and the baby car seat. The rest I will have to buy. So I have now started my haunt for baby clothes and baby stuff and I really need to make a list of what I might need and perhaps pack that hospital bag?

I must say one of my absolutely favorite online shops in the UAE is Ellijunior. They are distributor of some really nice Swedish high quality brands that I just love. With Nilia having eczema and extreme sensitive skin, I can only assume that my second one will also have super sensitive skin so I am very careful with what I buy for her. I would like to call Ellijunior an online boutique shop where everything is super cute and of highest quality. From hairbows to kids room interior to baby shower gifts to strollers, you will not leave the website empty handed.  So of course I had to do some shopping from their website and this is what I chose so let me know what you think:

I suggest you have a look at their website , I’m sure you’ll love the website as much as I do.