Child safety ❗️

Hi guys. Let me ask you a question, how good are you with car seats or buckling up your children properly while in the car?

I wanted to take this opportunity and write about a very important topic: Child safety. It’s very shocking and saddening for me to see children not buckled up or not in a car seat here in the UAE. Although required by law many people still seem to ignore the law and don’t take this topic very seriously. I hope with this post I can at least make 1 person to realize how important this is and start using the car seat.

So in my research for articles and statistics I found this very moving and shocking fact on an article written by Gulf news in 2017:

“According to Road Safety UAE, traffic accidents are the UAE’s Number One Infant Killer, with more than 62 per cent of infant mortality caused by some form of accident involving a car. This is not surprising, when apparently only 2 per cent of infants in the UAE are actually retrained in a proper car safety seat.”

This is insane, insane! Parents need to understand the extend of danger they are putting  their children into. These are the common replies I have heard when I have asked some parents that don’t use a car seat for their children:

1.       My child doesn’t like it

2.       It makes my baby unhappy and unsettled

3.       I feel sorry for my baby, she/he can’t see out through the window properly in the damn thing!

4.       A car seat takes one whole seat which we actually do need for another family member

Now wait a minute, let’s take a minute and think about this. Are any of these excuses really valid for not having your child in a proper car seat or buckled up? Now I want all of you to please please watch the below video. It shows the impact of a car crash to unbuckled children AND wrongfully buckled children! And please note that the speed of the car is only 30 miles/hour (appr. 50 km/hour)!!

Please remember having your child in a car seat but NOT buckled up will not protect them at all! Unfortunately I see so many children sitting in a car seat without being buckled up! That kind of kills the whole point, they are not safe just because they sit in the seat, they need to be properly buckled up. And please try to keep them rare faced as long as possible.

Now next time you consider having your child not in a car seat just please remember this video. Because we can never know when accidents will happen!!!

There are car seats for every budget around the city and the shops have personnel who can help you choose and to give you proper instruction for installation.

Please be safe and think about your children’s safety.