How did your first born cope with the second one? 🤱🏻

Hi lovelies. It’s been a while. I gave birth to our second princess in November and have been off routine for obvious reasons. On top of that Nilia has winter break so the mother of two became a much more colorful reality. Dealing with a newborn and a super playful toddler is not easy but I have huge help. I have my mom here who’s been such a great help and made this time much easier for me 🙏🏻. I’m truly blessed ❤️.

Having a new baby has a huge impact on the older siblings so therefore I did a lot of research and reading when I was expecting on how to make this easy on Nilia and how to make her accept our new family member.

To be honest Nilia is such a good natured child and she loves taking care of others. She cares a lot about her family and friends and is a bit bossy to be frank. She has accepted her little sister from the first second she met her and given this is a very sensitive subject for many parents I’m gonna share with you some of the things that we did that made this whole process easier on her. I hope this comes handy to some of you 🙏🏻.

The first thing we did was to include Nilia early in the pregnancy. We even took her to doctors appointments so she could see her little sister during scans. The last thing we wanted was to make her feel excluded.

Secondly we bought her books about being a big sister and read them to her at bedtime. We explained to her that a newborn baby requires a lot of attention and that she as a big sister has the responsibility to have patience. We told her that babies don’t understand that they have to wait for their turn and that they need to be accommodated as soon as they cry.

And we got her gifts. I told Nilia that when babies are in their mummy’s tummy they can communicate and tell their mom what they want. I told her that the baby had asked me to get Nilia some gifts that are her favorite things because the baby told me that her big sister is her favorite person in the whole world ❤️.

I got her some gifts during my pregnancy and got her many gifts when the baby was born. She got 5 princess outfits at the hospital and we told her the baby had asked me to get her those. Yet today she calls the dresses the ones her sister got for her.

And it worked. She has not been jealous or impatient with the baby once. She feels she is her little sister’s guard. She’s the one to run to her as soon as she cries. We continue to include her in the process such as helping us to change diapers or to help feeding the baby.

I’m so happy that it all has gone so well because as any other mom I was so worried about how she would take it and yes I did cry couple of times and worrying about how this would effect her.

I hope this is useful 🙏🏻

Xoxo /Behi