Why Art Village Nursery is one of the best nurseries in Dubai

Hi lovelies,

I thought I would make this post and talk about nurseries and why I personally prefer nursery than having a nanny .

As a working mother this subject comes up very early in mind, perhaps earlier than we wish for. We are usually between the two choices, we want to have a nanny to give the full attention and care to our child or we want the nursery for our child to be surrounded by educated people.

I personally chose the second one. For me it was about trust, there was no way I could trust a person to take care of my child that couldn’t speak yet. How would she be able to tell me if something happened or was wrong? But having her at a nursery gave me peace of mind. I knew she would be surrounded by multiple people who are educated within childcare and she would have more fun playing with other kids than be at home alone with a nanny.

Everyone needs to see what is more suitable for their situation of course and for me it was nursery.

At the beginning Nilia went to a British curriculum nursery. With a fee of 5,400 AED a month it was honestly not the right choice for us. I could not feel I was getting value for the money. The nursery itself wasn’t very big and had no outdoor play area. I would call it more childcare than educational to be honest.

After only 8 months at that nursery I decided to move her. And that was probably the best choice ever. I moved her to a nursery with Swedish curriculum (English speaking nursery though) and the owner later became one of my closest friends. This nursery is owned by a person educated within childcare. She has her degree from the US and experience from Sweden so she knows what she is doing. Nilia went to Art Village Nursery until she started school.

Art Village Nursery is a nursery like no other. Their approach is so different. When they say learning by playing they mean every word of it. Children are given the freedom to explore and the subjects are chosen based on the interests of the children. If the children show interest to ants for example, then the classes will be about ants and everything one need to know about ants. This style of teaching is called Reggio Emilia and it’s amazing. Google it and you’ll find all you need about this style of teaching.

Art Village Nursery is a place where Nilia spent most of her time from the age of 18 months to 3.5 years. The growth and development I’ve seen in her during that time and how easily she coped and started school is something I will forever be grateful to Art Village Nursery.

Before putting your child into a nursery make sure you choose the one that is age-appropriate educational and not only plain child care. Many nurseries and I mean MANY would tell you all you want to hear before starting but make sure you do your research before choosing a nursery because what they tell you might not always be the reality.

Click on the link to learn more about Art Village Nursery. http://artvillagenursery.com/