Brunch o’clock

We are getting close to the weekend and one thing that is in everyone’s mind is: What to do, right? Well I have a suggestion for you. Last Saturday we were invited to try the brunch at Mazina restaurant located at Address Dubai Marina Hotel. The name says it all, right? A brunch at any Address hotels + Resorts can’t go wrong. 🤗

Without reading to much into it I was excited to take the kids to a kids friendly brunch. Dubai is a city full of family friendly brunches so my expectations was as high as for any other brunch. I didn’t think this would be any more exciting than any other brunch we’ve been to. 🙈

As we enter this gorgeous hotel and as always in a 5 star hotel in Dubai, I was stunned by the grand and beautiful lobby. The restaurant Mazina is very conveniently located at the ground floor. Nilia is not a fan of elevators and ALWAYS asks if there is a lift at places we go to so she was happy before even entering the restaurant. 👌🏻

The brunch is called Pirates 🏴‍☠️ and Mermaids 🧜‍♀️ brunch and very true to its name all the waiters and waitresses are dressed as mermaids and pirates. This automatically puts a smile on the little ones faces (and me to be honest).

The super nice host who welcomed us showed us around. She showed us the buffet and oh my it was never ending! 😱 Everything you can imagine and would want at a brunch was available. Fabulous seafood (I’m a huge seafood fan), sushi corner, cheese corner, Indian corner, pork corner (for non Muslims), Asian corner, Mongolian corner, Arabic corner, barbecue corner, dessert corner and so on and so on. The food was absolutely fab and the ingredients were so so fresh. If you’re visiting please make sure you are super hungry so you can try everything!

One of my favorites was the Mongolian corner. You basically choose the veggies, meat, sauce, noodles or rice and they stir-fry it for you. Mouthwatering right? 🤤 At the seafood corner the seafood was so fresh that I can still taste those jumbo prawns and lobster tails. I mean come on if you find fab oysters at a brunch that kind of speaks for what kind of place that is right?

Our table was close to the kids area, just as I like it. I want Nilia to go off and play but still be able to keep an eye on her. Let me tell you about the kids area. It has its own buffet incl. desserts. It has a stage, a TV area and a bouncy! Yes a bouncy indoors and it was quite big to be fair. Nilia got so excited to see the very big kids area and wanted immediately to run over there. Luckily the show didn’t start until she had finished her food (almost). There was an announcement that the show was about to start. Little did we know that Magic Phil has a show there every Saturday! He is seriously the best magician in town. The way he engages the kids and make them laugh is priceless. His tricks are always so entertaining (even for the parents).

A magic show, pancake decoration, bouncy castle, a mini cinema, face painting and super delicious food, how lovely is that? The show also involved the parents at the end so the whole experience was finalized with loud laughters and dance. A Saturday afternoon super well-spent. Well we stayed until closure so you can imagine how fun we had lol. I’m always in the rush even when reading emails so I did not notice that the best dressed kid wins a prize, and if I knew I would have dressed up the entire family. So when you’re going make sure you dress up your little one in a mermaid or pirate outfit for a chance to win a very nice prize!

So yes, this brunch did top my expectations big time!


AED 330 per person, including soft beveragesAED 460 per person, including house beverages

AED 622 per person, including house beverages and free flow bubbly

Children aged 5 years and below eat for free

Time: Every Saturday from 12.30pm to 3.30pm

Xoxo, Behi