For the love of planet earth

Hi lovelies,

I have so many topics I want to address on my blog but the time is not on my side always. With a baby and a super playful toddler it gets quite busy but finally I have spared myself some time to write about a brand that I have fallen in love with.

Firstly let me start with how glad I am that the eco-friendly awareness is getting wider and broader. We all should think about our planet and see what we can do to be friends with planet earth.

Stop using plastic is one main campaign that goes around the world right now. And we can all be part of that by using less plastic, as less as possible.

I have recently been introduced to a very eco-friendly brand called Haakaa. I have received one product from them that I absolutely love and it’s their silicone straws.

The silicone straws instead of the plastic straws for environmental reasons and instead of the metal ones for security reasons. I always have the nightmare that Nilia would fall while drinking with a metal straw in her mouth. The Silicone straws comes in a pack of 6 and each one is in a beautiful color. With it comes a special brush so washing them is super easy.

Haakaa have also a range of other products, all eco-friendly, that are definitely worth looking up. I haven’t used their breast-pump for example, but I’ve heard nothing but good about it.

So next time you are buying a product, any product, just ask yourself can I possibly buy a eco-friendly version of this?

Let’s be friends with planet earth.