Planning a birthday party?

I take birthdays very seriously. When it comes to planning Nilia’s birthday I usually start a couple of months before and decide on the theme with Nilia. I usually decorate myself and if I hire a company I am very firm about how I want the decoration and activities.

This year Nilia wanted a superhero themed birthday party at Bounce. Well she loves superheroes and she loves jumping so of course that’s what she’s gonna get. I really try my best not to spoil my children but when it comes to birthday parties they get exactly as they wish.

Now planning a superhero themed birthday party at Bounce was the next step. Is it even possible I thought for myself. When I discussed this with the Bounce team they were so open to the idea. We would decorate the party room according to our theme and they assured me I would get all the help I’d need. I guess they picked up quite early how picky and firm I am with every little detail. And I was welcome to bring any decoration that I wanted as well.

I’m going to make this post only about Bounce so I’ll do another post with all the details and how I planned everything and where I got everything from.

When you enter Bounce they have a dedicated waiting area for each birthday party. Nilia impatiently waited for all her guests to arrive. There is a party host dedicated to the group who will take care of the kids and do all the activities with the kids.

While the kids are playing and jumping there’s a cafeteria upstairs where parents can sit and hang out while they have open view of the place and what the children are up to. It does get a bit hot at the cafeteria but they do have fans in place for this particular reason.

After arrival of all Nilia’s guests it was time for some jumping and oh boy Nilia is still talking about her birthday and how fun she had. The host took them to different dedicated areas and all the activities were age appropriate. The party host also made sure that children had regular water breaks. The activities included running, jumping, playing ball, sliding, rolling and so much more. It was truly a fun birthday for the kids.

While the kids were busy playing, the amazing team at Bounce decorated the party room exactly as I wanted so the party room was ready when it was time for cake cutting.

The birthday party was just perfect and I just can’t thank the amazing team of Bounce, specially Sonja enough.

Next time you’re looking for a birthday party place go and check Bounce out. I highly recommend the place.

I have attached a short video of the party below so you can all se what I’m talking about.