Tired of buying toys?

One topic that is repeated with parents is the never ending toy shopping. No matter how many toys the kids have they always want more! I personally get Nilia toys very occasionally but go all in when it’s Christmas. And the reason is because she gets tired of the toys so quickly! I mean a toy gets her excited for a week or so and then it’s all forgotten and back in her toy cabinet somewhere. And we all know that toys are not cheap.

One of the perks of Instagramming and blogging is that you get introduced to many brands and business ideas that you never knew existed. One company that I came across through my Instagram account is Kiddos Toys club. The idea of the business is that you can subscribe for monthly toy rentals. So yes, you get to rent toys for a month and then return them and get new ones! Excellent huh?

Now I can guess the first thought that comes to your mind and that is: how clean are they? Well the toys are in excellent shape (this is our third month and they all seemed brand new). All the toys are washed and sanitized before delivery with a note saying when and by who.

My second thought was, well what if we loose or break a toy? The answer was that they take each case individually but they would never charge for broken toy. And guess what? They didn’t. Unfortunately one of the toys from last month broke while Nilia was playing with it and they did not charge me anything for it.

They have different packages you can subscribe from. Their packages start from AED79.95 depending on what you choose and they make sure all the toys sent are age appropriate. It’s almost like Santa Claus visiting every month! I never get the chance to get a proper picture when we receive the toys because by the time I find my phone to snap that picture the package has been opened by yours truly Miss Nilia who is super excited to see what is in the bag!

On another note this also teaches the children to take care of the toys. It teaches them to play gently and be reminded that we are only borrowing the toys and we should do our best to return those in the best possible condition. And it has been a very good lesson for Nilia. Every time after playing with the toys she makes sure to tidy up and put them back in the bag to keep them as whole as possible. And when she broke that one piece last month she was really upset about it and said she would do her best not to do that again. That is something she has never felt about her own toys before but I do see a very clear pattern of her tidying up more and taking better care of her toys.

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