Fear (not) the dentist

How often do you guys go to the dentist? I for sure could be better at visiting the dentist! But it’s just something with visiting the dentists, right? It does not feel comfortable and most of the time we rather push it to another date.

But I am trying to break that habit with Nilia. I do want her to see a dentist without feeling uncomfortable or unease. That is exactly the situation we are in now and I’m gonna tell you how.

We all know that the first visit to a dentist for a child is overwhelming and scary. It’s a room filled with scary machines and you have to open your mouth and let the dentist look at your teeth with those terrifying tools! Scary? Well it depends.

I took Nilia to the dentist for the first time when she was 3 years old (I know, it should have been earlier). I was a bit worried about how she would react so I did my research to try to find a pediatric dentist that would be very good with kids so her first experience would be a nice one instead of a scary one. And yes, I did find the perfect dentist.

Dr. Yasmin practices at My pedia clinic and she is absolutely amazing. Her room in the clinic is colorful and super child-friendly with a TV in front of the child and a TV up in the ceiling with 2 different cartoons running. She is such a warm and loving person that we (me and Nilia) both immediately fell in love with her. Not only did she make Nilia’s first visit not scary, she actually made it fun! So taking Nilia to the dentist is actually an excitement for Nilia.

Dr. Yasmin took her time to explain everything in a fun way to Nilia so it wouldn’t be any surprises that would seem scary. She explained the tools she was about to use, everything from the tickling brush to her magic teeth camera. I can tell you this, it was a-lot of giggles in that room. She also took her time to explain everything in detail to me so I would understand as well. Nilia needed to fix some teeth and that went so smooth. No tears and a actual smile on our way out.

Nilia is today 5 years and we are still going to Dr. Yasmin. She is excited each time to see her dentist and can’t wait to get the gifts and the certificate the Dr. always gives her for being brave. I hope more pediatric dentists would be like her.

If you are looking for a pediatric dentist, well look no further. She is absolutely amazing.