Giving birth in Dubai

Hello lovelies,

Given I gave birth to both my kids in Dubai I thought I would write a blogpost for all new mommies to be with some tips and guidance on how it is to give birth in Dubai as an expat.

My pregnancy journey started with trying to find a doctor. During your pregnancy you go to the same doctor who is also the doctor delivering the baby. So first step is to find a doctor you feel comfortable with and can trust. Both doctors I had during my pregnancies work at City hospital where I also delivered both of my girls.

Choosing the right hospital can be a bit overwhelming with so many options here so my advice is to visit different maternity wards at different hospitals to see which hospital feels right for you. Many hospitals offer maternity tours to give all the information you might need. Usually doctors with own/private clinics have co-operations with different hospitals for delivery but keep in mind that different hospitals charge differently.

With Liani I had dr. Britt Clausson at city hospital. She was just amazing. So supportive, knowledgeable and absolutely fabulous. My delivery (planned c-section) went very well and I couldn’t be happier with a doctor or hospital.

After giving birth you need to apply for a birth certificate. Dubai government has an office in city hospital for this so that makes life so much easier. You need some paperwork from the hospital, emirates ID, passport and marriage certificate to be able to apply for this. The birth certificate is also required to be able to apply for residence visa for your new baby. If this is not available at the hospital you’re delivering there are agencies that help with that to make life easier.

You have 4 months to have your baby’s passport and visa ready and after that there is a daily “overstay fee” for your newborn baby.

When you have your child’s passport ready and ready to travel keep in mind that you need something called out-pass. This is basically a permission to leave the country given there is no “entry” stamp in the baby’s passport. You can get the out pass at the airport Terminal 3 just 2-3 days before traveling.