The difficult part of traveling made easy

Hello lovelies,

I don’t know about you guys but for me the difficult part of traveling is the airport hassle. The hassle of checking in and waiting to board and at arrival waiting for luggage and passport control.

We are so lucky living in the UAE because even this is thought through and a service is made to make this easier and this service is called Marhaba Services. I have previously been using this service when we have guests coming who don’t speak English or not familiar with the airport or find it difficult but this time I used this service for myself and Nilia when we were traveling to Sweden for a wedding last week.

This service is amazing and I have never traveled so hassle free. Firstly we had a car picking us up from our house 3 hours before departure. This was so thought through that even a booster seat was installed for Nilia and we all know how important that is! As soon as we arrived at the airport we had a person waiting for us with a sign with our names on. She escorted us to the lounge where we could sit and wait while they checked us in and took care of our luggage. The process was really quick. When that was done they followed us through security and passport control, both using a fast track so we didn’t have to wait at any counters or queues.

When we were through the security and passport control we were taken to Marhaba’s exclusive lounge in our own private room. I have never felt more VIP than this. It was pretty early in the morning and their excellent breakfast buffet was just cherry on the top. We were informed that they would come and let us know when it’s time to go to the gate and so they did. Smoothest check in and airport experience ever.

On our way home we also had the Marhaba pick up service. As soon as we got off the plane and entered the airport there they were, Marhaba services personnel holding a sign with our names on. A buggy was in place to make our arrival process went as fast as possible. We took the buggy all the way to the passport control, again through the fast track and directly to the arrival lounge. We had a cup of tea while the amazing team of Marhaba services took care of getting our luggage for us. This is seriously the fastest I’ve ever been out when arriving at an airport. As soon as we got our luggage a car was waiting to take us home, again with a booster seat installed. Now this is what I call excellent service and I can’t recommend them enough. Rest assured I will always use this service whenever traveling.

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