I have found a hidden gem and I will tell you all about it ✨

UAE is a country full of surprises, don’t you agree? I mean the activities you find here are out of this world. There is always something to do for every budget!

Last weekend we were invited to checkout a place called Longbeach campground in Ras Al Khaima. The place looked pretty instagramable but as we all know some places look good on Insta but in reality it’s not always as we expect it.

Now let me just explain one thing without sounding uptight, but I am picky with my staycations. I have made a mistake once or twice but otherwise I choose carefully when I go on a staycay. This place really caught my eye and I couldn’t wait to go and see what it’s all about!

After an hour drive or so we arrived. The entrance looked pretty nice and as soon as you enter this place it’s like the stress and negativity you’d usually carry is washed off your shoulders. The check-in process was super fast and efficient with the nicest personnel. We could feel that this is our kind of place.

We were escorted to our Panoramic Dome tent and this is glamping! It’s absolutely beautiful with panoramic tent windows with shower and toilet in the tent! How cool is that? Well I have a thing with bathrooms, I really don’t like sharing and public toilets for me are usually a big NO NO apart from in Dubai where it’s suuupeer clean. The tent also had a private jacuzzi located outdoors.

Now when you check in they give you a program of activities that’s happening during your stay. This place operates on weekends only so it’s super organized with many variety of activities for both kids and adults. The activities are all included in the room fee and so is dinner and breakfast.

We were barefoot most of the time. It was just so relaxing. We participated in as many activities as we could and yet didn’t get time to try them all. We will definitely stay 2 nights next time.

The dinner buffet was OK with many options but that for me was the only thing I could feel it can improve. I didn’t find it excellent to be honest but that is very difficult to find with buffets in general. But having dinner in front of a huge screen that plays jazz music it’s just something. They also set a bonfire after dinner where you can barbecue marshmallow. Unfortunately this was way past bedtime for my little ones so we sadly missed this.

The kids club is very good and they hold many activities like egg hunting, sand castle building, karate, cooking classes, cinema, kite flying, kayaking, archery and many more. There is also a animal petting zone where the kids can also ride the most beautiful and chubby white pony. I wanted to take the pony home! There is also a children pool for the kids to play and swim in.

Activities for adults include kayaking, morning yoga, archery, stand up paddling (it was too windy when we were there so we couldn’t do this), beach volleyball, tennis, badminton, aerobics with jump shoes, pottery crafting, hand embroidery, kalimba sessions, open air cinema and so on. I told you, the list of activities is long! My husband tried the pottery crafting and he said this was one of the most relaxing activities he had ever done. He actually wondered if we could setup a pottery crafting station at home which I don’t think gonna happen lol.

So if you guys are looking for a hidden gem staycay then I would definitely recommend this one.

A big thank you to Longbeach-campground for hosting us. We had a super amazing time.