Party time

Hello lovelies,

It’s been so hectic lately that I didn’t find time or energy to actually sit down and write a blog post.

Since my last post Liani has turned one and started walking just couple of weeks after turning one. So a great milestone has passed.

We celebrated Liani’s birthday at home. We had our close family and friends over and had a jungle themed birthday party to celebrate our little princess or my last baby as I call her.

Planning birthday parties are a huge thing for me. I have a real interest in planning and organizing parties and just love it. Liani’s theme was jungle. So while I planned and organized a lot myself I did actually have some help to make the celebration of our wild one princess special.

There’s a company called MP Events Dubai that is managed by 2 moms. These lovely Italian mums behind the company contacted me for a collaboration and I just loved their business idea. They are not your usual party planning company. They specialise in themed graphic design and decorations and among all their services there are 2 special ones for small gatherings or for those who love DIY: 1. Party@Home 2. The Party Kit.

The party at home (which was the option I opted for) is them coming to your home (or the party venue) and help setting up the cake table. They are extremely professional and so easy to deal with.

The party kit option is a package where you pick a theme and they’ll send you the party articles that you’ll need for your party and you do the setup yourself. They offer many different themes to choose from and they are all adorable.

When we started the planning these ladies were so professional and hands on as well as letting me having my say in this. Yes, I have a lot of opinions in general and even more when it comes to party planning. We discussed every little detail and I was so happy with the outcome on the day of the party.

They came in the morning to setup the cake table. With them they also had themed goodie bags. The cake table was so creative and beautiful! They were extremely professional, they even brought their own table for this. The setup went fast and easy. It was personal and unique exactly as I like it. Every little detail was thought through and gorgeous. I just can’t tell you how happy I was with the setup. I have attached some picture for you guys to see. So if you are looking for a party planner then you really should contact MP Events Dubai.

*Please note that the backdrop and the balloon-arch is not from them.