And a virus came…

Dear blog,

Since the last time you saw me the world has turned upside down! There’s this virus spreading all around the world, I’m telling you it’s insane. It’s spreading very fast but faster than the virus itself it’s the people’s fear that is spreading and to be honest I don’t know which one is more dangerous. 

We’re in total lockdown, sitting home all day, spending time only with our family, eating dinner altogether, playing, laughing, crying, fighting, splashing. 

My anxiety level is high, some days more some days less and you know what helps? Exercising. So yep, I’ve been doing that a lot more since I saw you. And the uncertainty of the future just fades away as soon as I turn on the TV to do an online training session. 

And oh yes, I am a teacher now. I am homeschooling Nilia and I have realized my patience is very low when it comes to teaching. The first week was the hardest, getting a bit more routined as the time goes by. I am working on myself tho, to be more patient and I’m getting better at it but have a long way to go. 

Everyone is sad and this virus effected everyone in the entire world in one way or another. So I’m trying to spread positive vibes, I am trying to make my social media a bit more colorful, maybe I get someone to smile?  

So yes dear blog, this virus happened and despite all the difficulties (financially, emotionally, etc.) it brought, it has also made me to spend all my time with my family, learn how to be more patient, workout more and try to spread a bit of happiness. 

Oh I almost forgot to tell you, while this happened the earth had a break. It’s healing, it’s breathing. Was this you mother nature?